Thursday, June 17, 2010

Marjie's Self-Adventure

Wow...what to say...what to say? This is the start of my blog, beginning with my most recent excursion with a wonderful woman named Marjie. I feel that these pictures really brought out the joyfulness she holds, and the delightful person she is. Also, we see Marjie's more girlish side in these shots! Look at that feet photo! Does it not remind you of elementary school, when all the girls crossed their feet like that while listening (or not listening...haha) to the teacher? I have known Marjie personally for many years, but never had I seen her live it up so much amidst just being who she is! That's the type of thing I like to do for people as a photographer --I show them that it's safe and okay to feel comfortable with what they enjoy doing.

For these portraits, we first stayed on Marjie's back porch, but afterward we went to a venue that is actually a really cool junk yard that feels somewhat abandoned. But hey, especially according to these fab pics, the abandoned can be beautiful, right? Other than choosing great settings that allow my customers to feel comfortable, I really like using little things in pictures that represent something about the person I am taking photos of. See that little frame she is holding? That was something I saw on the counter in her house and I saw potential with it. You might think, "What's the point of using a frame if the picture is gonna turn out in the shape of a box anyways?" Your answer is this: The frame represented a piece of Marjie. It came from her home. It was western. Like where she grew up. It was totally HER.

Choose me as a photographer, and I will help in bringing out the Y, O, and U, in YOU. :)