Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Flashbacks of Fall

Here we are, and September is beginning to show its orange, yellow and brown face once more. Soon all of the grass will become dimmer, and the trees begin to go dancing in the nude. haha. What do you remember most about fall your senior year? What was the BIGGEST due date everyone was talking about?--that's right!--senior photos.

So, to start us off with today's blog, here is a little flashback of some of the pics I've done for seniors during this time...a time between school shopping and the morning frost claiming the front yard's every blade of grass.

Round-up of people
Surviving in one school together

...that's most likely what my senior class' acrostic would have looked like, if we'd had one.

Remember the thrill and excitement of being able to hand out your photos to everyone, knowing that the beauty of you had been brought out differently in each picture?

For those that didn't get that feeling and it was more "meh, here's a photo", I am truly sorry. As for the rest of you who haven't arrived at the pivotal senior pictures time, I am hoping to save you of that grief! I encourage those of you that are seniors this year or are looking for a photographer for the years to come to contact me about senior photos! My email is: photogenique@comcast.net

The packages I am offering for 2010-2011 are as follows:

 Includes three 8” by 10” photos, four 4” by 6” photos, 20 wallets,  and 40 keepsakes (half-wallets).
Your Price: $80.00

 Includes CD with 4 changes of clothing and 60 photos at your location of choice within 5 miles of Salem City limits, to upload and print yourself
Your Price: $65.00

Includes four 8” by 10” photos, eight 4” by 6” photos, 40 wallets, 40 keepsakes, and a CD with 60 photos taken at your location of choice within 5 miles of the Salem City limits.
Your Price: $99.00