Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Magnificent Megan

We're a little late in posting about Miss Megan Mitchell, but she definitely deserves a blog post! So here goes...

We asked Megan some questions that will be throughout this post with her answers, helping you to get to know the fun-loving actress and [hopefully] future missionary that we have come to know and love!

Enjoy the beautiful-ness!

Our Question Was: "What do you want to do with your life (dreams, goals, passions)?"

Her Answer: "In my life I want to do theater. I want to somehow be a cog in creating a vessel of communication where you don't need to be able to read, hear or even see to be touched by a performance. I want to create art that inspires people to love, appreciate, understand and laugh at the world around them. However, I want to honor God the entire time and readily change whatever direction I'm in for Him. I want to do some sort of missions at some point, and to be spontaneous and go to Europe and to embrace my own artistic style and to meet new people and have them meet me."

Our Question Was: "How do you think we have done at reflecting your personality through the photos that you've seen?"

Her Answer: "I think Photogenique Photography has done a great job at displaying my personality. I'm slightly crazy, and I felt the photos represented my need for fun. I found it really easy to express my ideas and opinions during and after the photo shoot- and before if I had thought of any."

Our Question Was: "What/who inspires you the most in life?"

Her Answer:  "One of the people who inspires me is Kristiana Looney, because she's pretty and smart and artsy and kind and a very talented photographer!"

Our Response To That (of course): "Aww, shucks!!"

Our Question: "Would you rather go to the theatre or a movie? Why?"

Her Answer: "I would rather go to the theater because you experience theater, but you watch a movie. It's like the difference between living and existing, you need a little lack of fourth wall in your life sometimes."

 And last but not least...

Our Question Was: "How would you describe your experience with Photogenique Photography?"

Her Answer: "I would describe my experience with Photogenique Photography as fun, spontaneous and comfortable. We made new friends with Twinsies Coffee & Cupcakes, which I never would have done had I not gone on my senior photo adventure with Photogenique. I really liked the colors, light and myself in the pictures."

So there you have it, folks! Straight from the horse's --er-- the MEGAN'S mouth! ;)

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~Kristiana and Nathan