Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Looking to Expand

So, for those of you who have not heard, I recently quit my job and am beginning my new adventure as a full time photographer! Exciting, but scary as well, as my income will rely heavily on how this succeeds. Once I have saved enough money, I would like to purchase the following:

The Canon Rebel...a great first professional camera, according to many photographers I have spoken with. It's not my DREAM camera, but it's a good next step.

 Ok...so this is more of a want than a need, I guess...but every time I go to a swimming pool or the coast I want to take pictures under water, and am always incapable of this. :( This would be a SUPER fun accessory, especially for summer!
 These are 62 mm ultraviolet, polarizing, and fluorescent lens filters. They allow for the picture to be seen in a different light --they can soften, grain, or enhance pictures. Pretty cool stuff. :)
This, my friends, is the magnificent GORILLA POD. :) If you look on www.thinkgeek.com, you'll find all sorts of cool stuff like this. This little baby basically allows one to latch on to whatever, even up-side-down, and is really pretty strong...perfect for situations where it's hard to get just the right angle and still get a straight shot.

So, these are the items I am working towards, but I cannot do it alone. If any of you have friends or family that need portraits, still may desire some amazing senior photos to give to their friends, or someone just had a new baby...whatever it is, send them my way! Just copy and paste this web link and you're good to go!


Much thanks, folks. :)