Friday, April 22, 2011

Haley & Kevin - A Match Made in Heaven :)

Ok, folks...I am REALLY excited to share this photo shoot with you! This being my first engagement photo shoot ever, I was ultra-conscientious to get just the right shots. It's a whole other dynamic trying to capture the deep love of two people. But, patience and time paid off, and also just having fun with the whole experience helped LOADS! :) The two people featured in this collection are Kevin McLaughlin and Haley Jalinski. I didn't know that much about the couple myself until I asked! I'll be sharing some of that newly-discovered insight into their relationship as we go along.

It's been quite the adventure for this shoot to actually happen! But just recently, God was on our side with the weather! We were extremely grateful. I trust you will thoroughly enjoy these love-filled shots of two delightfully sweet people!

Kevin and Haley met at Church on the Hill, and they enjoy doing volunteer activities and serving together through their church and various ministries.

Kevin likes to investigate stocks and peruse financial books. Haley likes to read magazines and be productive. :) They both enjoy things such as reading, rock climbing, playing frisbee golf, cuddling (awww), and going on adventures!

An interesting fact about these two is that they both know how to make hemp bracelets (I'm gonna have to have them teach me)! Kevin is also super cool, due to the fact that he is able to ride his bike with no hands, standing up! Major skill, man. 
Their wedding will be held in early December at the YWAM base. What a cool venue choice, you two! Any place that has evident signs of God's blessing on it is cool beans in my book.

I asked Haley if she could describe how the relationship has grown since they first began getting to know each other and since they started dating. Her answer is so sincere and it makes me want to get to know them even more!: "Well it's been pretty close to 3 years now and we have definitely matured as individuals and as a couple. Our relationship has gotten closer due to some stresses in our lives. We have bonded mostly in friendship and that really gives us a deep sense of commitment and in making the next step into marriage."

Now, I know you've probably all been dying to hear about the proposal itself. It's definitely what every girl dreams of, and I can tell already that Kevin is a definite romantic! (please, do read on...)


Haley recalls: "The proposal was expected because we had talked about getting married a lot beforehand. He took me to the beach and we had a full day there. At sunset he took me out to the beach and asked me to marry him when the sun was the brightest purple and orange. It was beautiful!"

I feel the photo above perfectly exemplifies this next quote from Haley, because you can see its truth in their gazes. :) "I knew Kevin was the ONE when I can truly look him in the eye at the end of the day and know that he is true in loving me and I to him. And I know he has a deep seated characteristic of being loyal and faithful to me in all areas and times in my life."

"I truly admire Kevin's ability to dream and how he always is willing to go for something even if it doesn't seem possible." ~another sweet quote from Miss Haley

And now, a few whimsical shots and a quick testimonial about their experience with me!

"I would definitely recommend Photogenique Photography to my friends because Kristiana's efforts in giving people the best experience was very evident. She has a great heart and beautiful motives behind taking pictures for people...Kristiana Kephart was delightful to have as a photographer. She kept our energy going and really gave us a great experience all around." ~Haley

Speaking of Haley, check out this oober cute pic of her with bubbles! Makes me want to giggle :)

  Adding a little ring color flare ;)

Congrats, Kevin and Haley! You are amazing!

Stay tuned for more blog posts!

~Kristiana Kephart 
Photogenique Photography