Monday, December 6, 2010

A Party of Hearty Harrises

If there were a family that were to truly carry love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control, as close to how Jesus did as possible, this would be the family. I am always in awe of how well-behaved Jake and Liam are, and how even-tempered Rick and Amy are. The two are wonderful parents and have a Christ-centered perspective, helping to form a healthy and pleasant family atmosphere. (CLICK ON THE PHOTOS BELOW TO SEE FULL IMAGES)

Oh and...REALLY? It MUST be against some law to look this good AND be a mom. For real. Amy Harris is just so beautiful, both inside and out! She is one of those people that brings out the best in others, and is also very motivated. She NEVER does anything half-way.

 Look at how wonderful this family is! Amazing how one can tell that just by looking at these pictures!

 Willamette was a great venue choice...and ALL AMY'S IDEA :) Great choice, I must say! Along this adventure, Rick told me that being there reminded him of an Ivy League School. The place is HUGE! I'm glad I got there early so I could scope out the best spots for shooting...but I didn't even go back far enough to see this huge, amazing, looming building! I like it.

 This tree was so much fun. And it was as if that bench was reserved specifically for this family. I think I am in love with this spot the most out of any that we visited.
 I loved doing shots with this mirror. Something I've never tried before, and kind of weird and interesting for both me and the fam! But it worked out! Pretty clever & snazzy result, huh?

                           Lastly, "Liam and Dad". :) I thought this was a cute one to end on a happy note!

 Toodles, Photogenique Watch! Until next time...

Kristiana Kephart
Photogenique Photography

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Book Your Christmas Shoot With Me!

Hello, friends! I would love to come closer to each client I work with, and I think that, with Christmas just around the bend, now is one of the best times to do just that. Here is an example of a Christmas card I made using some shots that I took in 2008, when I had a camera that was not really "up to par". But I worked with what I had, and here's what I came up with. :)

{and i know those darn ads on the side get in the way of the photo, but just click it to see the full view!}

The cost for a family photo shoot with a disc containing 80 photos is worth $100 and approximately an hour and a half of your time. Twenty-five 4" x 6" prints of the card plus the disc would add up to $150. "

I am doing a family photo shoot this Sunday, and I'm quite excited about it! A new post should be up soon with lovely, holiday-esque photos of the wonderful Harris family, so stay tuned, folks! :)

~Kristiana Kephart

Photogenique Photography

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Looking to Expand

So, for those of you who have not heard, I recently quit my job and am beginning my new adventure as a full time photographer! Exciting, but scary as well, as my income will rely heavily on how this succeeds. Once I have saved enough money, I would like to purchase the following:

The Canon Rebel...a great first professional camera, according to many photographers I have spoken with. It's not my DREAM camera, but it's a good next step. this is more of a want than a need, I guess...but every time I go to a swimming pool or the coast I want to take pictures under water, and am always incapable of this. :( This would be a SUPER fun accessory, especially for summer!
 These are 62 mm ultraviolet, polarizing, and fluorescent lens filters. They allow for the picture to be seen in a different light --they can soften, grain, or enhance pictures. Pretty cool stuff. :)
This, my friends, is the magnificent GORILLA POD. :) If you look on, you'll find all sorts of cool stuff like this. This little baby basically allows one to latch on to whatever, even up-side-down, and is really pretty strong...perfect for situations where it's hard to get just the right angle and still get a straight shot.

So, these are the items I am working towards, but I cannot do it alone. If any of you have friends or family that need portraits, still may desire some amazing senior photos to give to their friends, or someone just had a new baby...whatever it is, send them my way! Just copy and paste this web link and you're good to go!

Much thanks, folks. :)


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cameron: One Incredible Individual

This photo shoot was what I like to call a "Cruscial Time Crunch"! A little short notice for both of our tastes, but hey--sometimes life gets busy and ya just have to squeeze things in whenever you possibly can. Cameron Cruscial, a long-time friend of mine, since his freshman about 4 years now :) I must say, I'm quite impressed with the turnout of our pictures. I was worried about the weather, and this was Cam's response: "I'm more of a gloom and doom north-westerner anyways, so rain suits me just fine =)" --haha. Totally something he would say. :) He was in a long-sleeved shirt most the time anyway, so it all worked out in the end. And what with time management...we ended up being out doing pictures pretty late. was DARK. But all the better for reflection water pics, yes? --hope you guys all really enjoy those. Oh and BY THE WAY...

Cameron is a musical genius.

No joke. He plays bagpipe...

Check it out:

Not only that, but he also plays: 3 different flutes, whatever kind of guitar one might throw at him, piano, drums--at least a little...and shoot...I don't know what all else! But anything he sets his mind to, he is genuinely gifted at. Or so it seems. Being an artsy kind of guy at heart, I actually ended up picking him up from a play audition. So that gives you a bit of insight on our guy. And NOW...enjoy some pretty tight photos. :D

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Great Creator Named Nater :)

Nathaniel Hunter is a senior this year, and a truly rare find among people. I’ve been his friend for near on 2 years now, and I have seen nothing but a kind and open heart. He is gentle, but has a fiery and tenacious spirit. He is a song writer (just the lyrics), which is a point at which we connect. Though that isn’t my immediate passion now, the power of words in a song is something that I still love to touch people’s hearts with, and I do enjoy a good beat. Like this one (Listen).

The first album Nate wrote was called “The War of the Blade”. If that doesn’t get you interested, then his sequel, “The Legacy Inferno”, certainly should.Here’s some lyrics from his song “Teacher”. It’s gotta be one of my favorites. 

"Am I a weakness in your eyes? A burden you throw aside? Or will you teach me the lessons of life? Give me hope, help me survive. I depend on you to show me the kind of man, I am meant to be. My destiny is set in motion. I can't help but forget the notion. The nightmares that remain unspoken.

“Teacher, I depend on you to show me,
How to be a better man.
Teach me the lessons you can.
To help me complete my journey.
To show me, what kind of man I will be.

The Way of the Blade may hold some truth. But I can't help but disapprove. Why would you show me this? Is this a lesson to be learned? Is it to teach me, to deal with the pain? Or just a lie, to keep me sane, in the end?

Teacher, I depend on you to show me,
How to be a better man.
Teach me the lessons you can.
To help me complete my journey.
To show me, what kind of man I will be.”

.....Such amazing words! Thanks, Nate, for that awesome talent you are able to share with people. Get it all published, seriously! Another cool thing about Nate is that he is an actor. I had the pleasure of being in a play with him in our Advanced Theatre class last year. He was Lord Capitulate, and I was a Seussy Narrator, in the box stage annual “One Acts” performance of “The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet”. It was some great fun! Well, here are some shots of this goofy, dramatic (not like “oh my God, he broke up with her?!” kind of drama…haha), amazing, and gifted person that I know as “Nate”. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Zac Curtis: Senior Extraordinaire

Well there's a lot I could say about Zac Curtis. When I first asked him to tell me a bit about himself, I realized all too soon that I should have been more specific. He said something to the extent of "I am ___ pounds, 5'4", and a white Caucasian male..." and continued on about his physical attributes. Haha. It was hilarious. So I changed my question. I said “Well are there any amazing talents you possess?” His immediate response was “I’m awesome.” So this tells you a bit about the awesome guy we’ll be viewing today. Anyways…some more interesting facts about Zac are: He is going into the Marines directly after high school, he plays football for West Salem High School’s team, and he is a guitarist…using both acoustic and electric.  
As an end note: Kudos to Mrs. Curtis, by the way, for following my craziness everywhere. :) ‘Twas quite kind.

And now, enjoy some great photos from today! FRESH off the chip! :D

First Fall Senior Photo Session

Jacob is a very inspiring person. You can tell just by looking at him that he is brimming with focus, purpose, and a shining destiny. He is very driven, and he is inventive. He uses initiative (He even came up with many of the ideas we used for several shots!) and goes where no man (at least not any others that I know) has dared to go do what no man has dared to attempt before! But the best part is his heart. This man seeks God. I am so glad to have him as a brother in Christ and a fellow youth leader at Life Church.

One interesting fact about Jacob is that he holds a true desire to defend and fight for the privileges and freedoms we get to experience here in the U.S. He wants to begin training for either the army or navy next year, post graduation. I could never be like he is...a cross country runner, wrestler, aspiring bass singer in Silverton's choir, and brother to 6 siblings. Mr. Brubaker here is truly an amazing guy. I hope this pictures bring out a little bit of the character he has that I described. Enjoy these preview shots of our recent photo shoot!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Rainy Days

I didn't get to do a senior photo shoot yesterday as I had been planning. I DID, however, get some amazing shots of the nature close by--in my front and back yards...including Dad's garden! Take a look :) 

I love the colors of leaves in the fall
 mmm...can't you just picture the smell of freshly-grown tomatoes?!

Oh hey! I just noticed you can kinda see my reflection into the middle and last tomatoes! cool!
 More shiny, drippy, juicy goodness ^.^

 This leaf I found with a dead bug on it. Here's the first shot...
 And just a bit closer...
Now we can actually see the bug!

Hope everyone enjoyed today's shots. There will be some of PEOPLE coming soon. I have my next 2 Sundays booked for photo shoots and this Thursday as well! EXCITING! I'll keep you guys posted. :)