Monday, October 11, 2010

Rainy Days

I didn't get to do a senior photo shoot yesterday as I had been planning. I DID, however, get some amazing shots of the nature close by--in my front and back yards...including Dad's garden! Take a look :) 

I love the colors of leaves in the fall
 mmm...can't you just picture the smell of freshly-grown tomatoes?!

Oh hey! I just noticed you can kinda see my reflection into the middle and last tomatoes! cool!
 More shiny, drippy, juicy goodness ^.^

 This leaf I found with a dead bug on it. Here's the first shot...
 And just a bit closer...
Now we can actually see the bug!

Hope everyone enjoyed today's shots. There will be some of PEOPLE coming soon. I have my next 2 Sundays booked for photo shoots and this Thursday as well! EXCITING! I'll keep you guys posted. :)


  1. Love them! Those tomatoes look delicious!

  2. Really liking the rainy day pics! Makes me think that fall came to early for me!

  3. Amazing tomatoes. I like the whole bug thing, even though it is a little creepy. Very...uh...artistic.

  4. you're so darn creative hun!! love ya!

  5. Those tomatoes look good, especially the pear tomatoes. Fall provides some good times for pictures. Sometime I should bring my camera down and we can go on a fall photo-walk. :)