Friday, July 30, 2010

Journies of Self

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like there is no inspiration in ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING? Like...nothing to make you happy. Nothing that sparks your interest. Nothing that brings a smile.

I thought today was one of those days. We ran out of toilet paper...

And I was having a bad day just being a this poor girl here.

 And I felt like, though I cleaned and tried to help out and was attempting to be a good older sister and a responsible daughter, no one appreciated me. :(

But then -- a bright spot.
How could this be possible?
I have no idea.
But I do know this...

a picture can really save your life sometimes. I found this one I took of my dear friend, from a few years back. And it brought me a glimpse of a smile.

I kept searching, and found more and more that reminded me that I have friends that love me and a family that --though they may not show it in the best way at all times-- does appreciate the person that I am and the things that I do.

When you're having a day where you feel like you might want to scream at a thousand people, do something reckless, or become an undercover spy for the rest of your life....try looking through a photo album. You'd be surprised how much good stuff can come of just taking time to remaniss and remember the things that have made us smile. And though friends in the pictures may have faded from my life, and I may have lost some loved ones that are shown there too, I can remember that the smile in the picture lasts forever...and it can still be impacting today. You can have a day as chill as this...

And you can want to sing "The moment I wake up...after I put on all my make up...I say a little prayer for youuuuuu"... :) (link here: song to make you happy)

And you'll want to dance in the rain without a care in the world. I wish upon you a day where you can feel as marvelous as this:

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ribbons, Parties, and Brides

This last week I had the opportunity of shooting at Stephanie Finley's Bridal Shower. I realized, yet again, that the smallest things that add a small flare of color or life to a setting are the elements that SO effect the whole atmosphere of a setting. Not only the color of objects, but the color of a personality or a feeling...have you ever taken the time to just admire and take in someone's smile? Stephanie totally has that ability to catch the attention the beholder just by glowing from the inside, out. Here are a few shots. I have to be careful, though, that I don't post anything too revealing. Some of it has to be a surprise for her fiance, Andrew Foster. ;) But, I'll give you guys a sneak peek of what I was able to capture. {Comment to your heart's content!}

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Fair is a Veritable Smorgasbord [[for photos]]

I just felt like I wanted to rant for a moment about how much I love the fair, and how it relates to photography. I suppose just about everything can relate to photography in some dimension, if I really think about it. But let's just focus on the fair.

At the fair, I see rides, foods of all sorts, fun houses, bouncy houses, and all kinds of interesting booths and people. You know what I hear? I hear grills sizzling, booth people shouting, people screaming on rides, and music from different directions. All the sights and sounds make it an experience to remember. How can I capture such a thing? It's like what I say after I tell a joke that no one laughs at: "You just had to be there." But I can share a piece of the colorful world I know the fair to be, through a wonderful gift called photography. :) Here's some shots. Enjoy.