Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sam + Autumn

Our experience with Sam and Autumn Anderson was one that we'll fondly remember from now until the ends of the age. :) It happened that a group of girls was in the same car, rollin' through the drive-through of the Starbucks that Nathan works at. He asked the usual question: "What are you ladies up to today?" --Her soon-to-be sis-in-law, Ryanne, pointed to the back and announced that "this one" in the back was getting married! Nathan, being the opportunist that he is, asked who they had planned on to do their photography. Turns out, there wasn't a plan in motion yet, so Nathan gave them our card and sent them on our way. Wonderfully enough, they booked with us almost immediately and we were able to bless the family, as well as leave more blessed than we could have expected! We also made great connections and even better friends. :)

After all, that's what the photo business is all about...loving people and making new friends each time.

Throughout sharing these photos, we'll go over some fun facts we've learned about the couple and hopefully you will leave this post feeling like you know them a little better too!

Fact #1: Autumn adores pink. :)
She is also a purist when it comes to tea.
And we mean PURE. No sugar, no honey, no nada.
Just tea. ;)

Fact #2: Upon getting her dress on, Autumn frantically fluffed it up and down in the air 
and quoted Dispicable Me in saying "It's [seriously] sooooo fluffy!"

Fact #3: These kids have a genuine love. :) Autumn even bought Sam a 
pair of cowboy boots to wear on the wedding day. Way cool!

Fact #4: The bride and groom scored their wedding venue {Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum} just 3 weeks before the wedding! And it came with super awesome tanks and jets on site!

Fact #5: Sam is hardcore. So hard core, even, that he researches on Wikepedia intensely as a hobby!

Fact #6: Two of Autumn's bridesmaids are besties and have the last names "Bacon" and "Rice". 
They eat it for breakfast pretty much regularly when together!

Fact #7: Sam is actually loyal. This is a staged photo above. We swear! Haha ;) 

Fact #8: His eyes lit up when he saw her in that dress walkin' down the sidewalk toward him!

Fact #9: Both Autumn and Sam have a passion for music and are in love with The Beatles in particular. For their first dance as a married couple, the pair danced to the group's famous song, "Eight Days a Week". All the music played at their wedding and reception was from before the 70's! So sweet!

Fact #10: The entire wedding party (especially the bride and groom) know how to have fun and a good time! We enjoyed participating in laughter after many a pun and several witty comments! What a blast getting to hang out with such a great group of people! 

Thank you, everyone!

Monday, August 12, 2013

"The New Normal"

Everyone is getting into modern seems the deeper we dive as a society, the more items are discovered and tweaked in order to please us. I (Kristiana) remember how easily-pleasable I was when I was a kid. I had my little Kodak disposable cameras and I went wherever and got horribly-wonderful pictures to remember my memories by, and that was "the life".

Now-a-days, however, we have stuff like this...

And on the other end of the spectrum...stuff like this:

So no matter how giant or small your lens is, people everywhere are getting photos. But the reason behind those photos has dwindled. There used to be very few photos taken of one's family, once upon a time. There was maybe 2 pictures taken of a family in the whole span of their lifetime together. Now, a mom has 10 bajillion photos of her children. But she doesn't spend as much real time with them. 

One of our favorite things about photographing people is our ability to set the camera down for a while and enjoy life with people. We ask what they're really into. We come to a birthday party wanting to enjoy ourselves as much as the next person, and not coming wanting to be just "the cameras" and hide behind our lenses. 

I propose that "The New Normal" be about people. Photographing should be balanced. Next time you feel like getting a photo of a friend or family member, ask if you can join in and be a part of it. :) 

Because a memory will fade, but a picture lasts forever.

At Photogenique Photography, we're about valuing people, and helping you shine. And we're growing in our "new normal" daily alongside you. 

Join us! 

Kristiana & Nathan Looney