Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cameron: One Incredible Individual

This photo shoot was what I like to call a "Cruscial Time Crunch"! A little short notice for both of our tastes, but hey--sometimes life gets busy and ya just have to squeeze things in whenever you possibly can. Cameron Cruscial, a long-time friend of mine, since his freshman about 4 years now :) I must say, I'm quite impressed with the turnout of our pictures. I was worried about the weather, and this was Cam's response: "I'm more of a gloom and doom north-westerner anyways, so rain suits me just fine =)" --haha. Totally something he would say. :) He was in a long-sleeved shirt most the time anyway, so it all worked out in the end. And what with time management...we ended up being out doing pictures pretty late. was DARK. But all the better for reflection water pics, yes? --hope you guys all really enjoy those. Oh and BY THE WAY...

Cameron is a musical genius.

No joke. He plays bagpipe...

Check it out:

Not only that, but he also plays: 3 different flutes, whatever kind of guitar one might throw at him, piano, drums--at least a little...and shoot...I don't know what all else! But anything he sets his mind to, he is genuinely gifted at. Or so it seems. Being an artsy kind of guy at heart, I actually ended up picking him up from a play audition. So that gives you a bit of insight on our guy. And NOW...enjoy some pretty tight photos. :D


  1. These are some super good photos!

  2. Great photos. I hope "Darcy" doesn't mind the flute solo invasion of his/her grave/s. :)

  3. haha it was funny when i found that grave actually because i automatically thought about digging up Mr. Darcy so i could gaze on his face...and i freaked out and screamed and Cameron had no reaction whatsoever lol

  4. I love these, his eyes really stand out in the first photo and you know I love the grave site one ;)

  5. Nice! Those look really good! And I know Cameron...a little! But yeah, they look really good! :)