Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Golden December Wedding

For those of you who have awaited this post with bated breath (mostly Haley :]) can let go now. The reveal of the photos from the McLoughlin-Jalinski wedding is about to happen!

BUT WAIT!...first...did you see the engagement photos? Well, if not, look there first, because there is a sweet tale of love involved that I guarantee one and all would enjoy:

Now that you have seen...feast your eyes on THESE pictures, taken December 10th, 2011!

One thing I really appreciated about Haley and Kevin's big day is that they took time to have a First Look. Some couples choose to do it, and others don't. But all in all, I think it helped calm nerves for both Haley and her husband-to-be. We got some great photos out of it, and you can see the love and admiration in their eyes. Here is a look at the First Look.


...And the ceremony begins!

The ceremony was sweet and beautiful. The couple was serenaded by sweet guitar tunes as their friend played.

I love seeing how happy her Dad was at giving his beautiful daughter away. It was so sweet. If he did cry at all, they were solely happy tears.

This picture of Kevin's mom, Misty, is priceless. She looked on during the ceremony, eyes glued to the stage as Haley and Kevin were united even further, piece by precious piece.

Actually I loved seeing how ALL the family reacted to the union. There was such a glow on everyone's face, such as in this shot captured of Haley's Grandpa.

And then...those famous words: "You may kiss your bride".

Really, Haley and Kevin...your kiss couldn't have been more beautiful. 

I took a short video of Haley's excitement after all was said and done. She was simply relieved that the most important part was over! :) No more worries! Here's the clip:

After that, they all were escorted off to the reception. I'm not going to share all of it...but there were some favorite moments and people that just HAD to be captured. Take miss Kayla, for example:

...Never had I seen someone so excited over a sandwich walking by.

Here are some other pictures you might enjoy from the afternoon:

Evan, bringing bread to tables during the set-up window of time

Aaron, Kevin and Haley's roommate and the sound man at the wedding

And then there was cake!

...And drinks to be had!

 Check out these adorable wooden coasters as decor!

 And an elegant spread of vinegar and oil sat by candle light on each table...

Once the documents had been signed, it was only a matter of time before the couple was sent off on their honeymoon in Mexico!

The groomsmen (including the best man, featured above) had a great time blowing bubbles, even before the send-off!

Thank you, Haley and Kevin, for allowing Photogenique to share in the day's events. I can hardly wait for what's to come!

Blessings! - Kristiana Kephart (owner & photographer)
Photogenique Photography


  1. Wow! You are an amazing photographer and businesswoman. :-)

  2. These are all lovely! One question: Is Aaron the sound man available? Lol!