Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Becoming a Senior Rep for Photogenique Photography

So Here's The Gist:

Photogenique Photography  is on the hunt for high school Seniors with a uniquely defined style, and who have wonderfully unique personalities to serve as 2015-2016 Senior Representatives.  Being a representative for this business means you will leave with phenomenal images and leave with tons of cool bonuses if you put in just a little effort and share your smile!  We are excited about you showing off your session photos to your friends, family, and peers! 

For those of you who are thinking "Shoot. I shouldn't even apply because I probably won't fit the typical LOOK they are going for" --STOP IT RIGHT NOW! :) Seriously, don't sweat it. Whether you've has any previous model experience or whether or not you look like who you see in the magazines or even those who walk the same school halls as you is NOT what matters most to us. We look at who you are as a person, what kinds of things you are involved in, and your hunger to be a part of what we're offering here.  Keep this is mind when filling out your application: The more open and honest you are, and the more you share, the better! [no novels though, please...That's already been done by J.K Rowling)]

Below are some things we'd like to highlight that we believe are what help mold 

  • A high level of enthusiasm about having a Senior Rep Session that is true to who you are and is a blast to be a part of!
  • A personality that says "I am open, honest, friendly, and most of all GENUINE."
  • Loves to enjoy themselves and is ready for anything when it comes to getting the perfect shot on our cameras. :)
  • Has one or more avenues with which to share their portraits with seniors they may or may not know (If you need help figuring out what that is, we won't leave you hangin! We are here to be as helpful as possible. Don't freak out!)
  • Wants to earn amazing rewards for referring friends and classmates to Photogenique Photography.

Thanks a MILLION for choosing us to be your Senior Portrait Photographers. We are so stoked to have you as a member on our team, and we can’t wait to start pumpin' out some ridiculously gorgeous photos A.S.A.P! Looking forward to meeting you and sharing in this beautiful journey called LIFE, together. 

Make sure you have filled out our application (link on our Facebook page!) please! 
You'll be hearing from us soon! :D

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