Friday, February 25, 2011

Once There Was The Sun

As I looked around me yesterday, lyrics from the song "Sun" that is sung by Thumbelina resounded in my head, which ultimately inspired me to get back in gear with postings!:

Once there was the sun
Bright and warm and wonderful
Just like the love within my heart
Now there's no more sun
Winter has killed everything
Although it's dark December
Forever I'll remember sun

I realize I haven't posted anything since early December. This saddens me greatly, along with the loss of sun. However, I have many things to be excited about:

1) Spring is just around the bend! Soon, there shall be sun!

2) At the beginning of next term, I will be purchasing a new SLR camera! My bridge camera is not making the cut as I'd like it to! I'm ready for big and better things!

3) I was approached about possibly photographing an upcoming fall wedding! Assuming it happens, this will be my first, with hopefully many more following!

4) Photogenique is making a donation of a digital photography package for the WCS Auction for Friday, March 11th! It'll be wonderful! Even if you are not going, have someone who is attending bid for you on my package during the silent auction! You won't be sorry! Total value is about $300!

5) I did capture some wonderful photos of the odd clumping snow we've received here in Salem the last couple of days, just as it was beginning to melt. Though I've been ill, I wasn't about to miss an opportunity like that! And the best part get to experience the magic of winter as well through my photos. Take a look.

First, leaves and berries...I love the color in these two
 clovers iced over
 clumping! doesn't this look like funky snow? more like hail, i think.
 garden leftovers
 foot prints
 the fragility of dead winter plants
 My back yard, partially melted
 I simply HAD to make a hand print and actually feel the snow at some point :)

Well, that's it for our snowy serenade! Remember, sun is just around the corner! And with new and bright adventures! Thanks for joining me on this one!

Kristiana Kephart
Photogenique Photography


  1. That's awesome that you'll be upgrading your equipment! Do you have a camera in mind? is an awesome site for comparing cameras.

  2. Fantastic, Kristiana! I love the footprints in the snow. How exciting to be able to get a new camera! Woo hoo! I hope the wedding possibility works out.

  3. Brother: Thanks for the site reference! I used to go there when I was taking digital photography classes, but had completely forgotten about it! Cool deal! Hope I find something awesome there for a good price!

    Wendie: Thanks for the encouragement! I liked the footprints pics too :D I also have high hopes for the wedding! Crossin' my fingers! :)

  4. Great pictures! Your not the only one who hasn't posted anything on your blog in a while! I've been the same know I've been having trouble finding inspiration! But I'm glad your getting thing boomin!

  5. I love your photos! They are amazing. You are so talented and I hope some one pays big bucks for your services. They won't be sorry!

  6. Great pics, reflecting the spirit of the season. I guess you've made your decision pretty final on the new camera. I hope you can research out the best possible deal on what will work best for you.

  7. Nater: Yay! Well then we're getting back on track together!

    Sara/worthyprincess: Thanks love <3 I hope the same thing!

    Mom: That's what I was hoping for! my goal for all my photos is that they reflect the spirit of SOMETHING and are not just dull. :)

  8. You amaze me with your talents in this area, little girl. I so look forward to your amazing works being in homes all around the world some day!

  9. These photos are lovely! I love the clovers and the dark sticks against the white of the snow!

  10. These photos have so much life to them! The dark plants and the contrasting snow is brilliant, good eye! Also the new grass peaking through the snow represents so much! It is so inspirational