Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Photo Safari Scavenger Hunt

I had the great opportunity recently of volunteering for an auction at Willamette Christian School (North Campus), where I donated a photo package at the marketed value of $350.00! It was very exciting, and I was also able to get quite the reel of photos as a result! Take a look at the festivities!

Here is the main entrance to the building

yummy garnishes and chunky dips

I simply fell in love with this little box!...
TV Raffle

       The peacock feathers took over the place, making it so much more elegant and also adding a bit of flare.

The entrance to the auditorium - they did a great job on the twinkle lights!

Some of the silent auction items - stunning little colored hats :)

The drapery above the seating area was fantastic. It completed the whole jungle feel. It made stuff like this song (listen) run through my mind!

The kids made these...adorable!!

The stage was utterly astonishing. And when I finally saw the room in full spectrum, I couldn't stop staring!

The lovely-looking sweeties that I unfortunately never got the chance to sample...oh well...for those who ate them, I am sure they enjoyed!

I had to snap one of my mom at some point...doesn't she look cute?

I thought these dramatic lighting effects were wonderful.

That mural was hand-painted by one woman, along with all the rest at the auction.

I was happy to pose for my mom to take this shot of me with our enormously talented auctioneer, Paul Shultz!

It was a great turn out, and everyone left happy with the items they purchased. :)


  1. You made it sound like such an incredible evening. And it was. But it's great to see the pictures. Lovely.I especially like the little vase with grass and lights, the oranges with lettuce and parsley, and the lion mural.

  2. That all looks so fun! It gives me inspiration for a new wedding inspiration board!

  3. awww, thanks you guys! It was an incredible evening. Any particular pictures you fancied, katie? i'm glad i was able to inspire you!

  4. Wow. I love the one with the shells and the amazing plant or whatever it was. So beautiful. Keep being the best okay sis?(: